Growing up in a small New Jersey town (complete with horse farms and cornfields) gave Suzanne Casamento plenty of time to make up stories. She earned her BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. Her stories and articles have been published in Seventeen and Teen. FINGERPRINTS, her debut YA novel, is loosely based on a story that appeared in Seventeen.



When her mother remarries and their house is invaded by her new stepbrother and stepsister, Savanna is extra grateful for her amazing boyfriend, David. But as his thoughtful ways become increasingly controlling, Savanna seeks help from her mom, only to find that she's too wrapped up in her new family to care.

Left to deal with an abuser on her own, Savanna turns to her best friends, Jane and Tally, for help. What was supposed to be a fun summer for the three best friends turns into a series of twists to break free from a stalker.



Best friends Savanna, Tally and Jane are back in this companion novel to Fingerprints. As her parents vacation in Europe, Tally buries her loneliness by throwing party after party in her New Jersey home. When she meets Mark, she wonders if he’s the love she’s been looking for.

Against the advice of her two best friends, Jane and Savanna, Tally desperately pursues him. After an intimate moment goes viral, Tally ends up humiliated and broken down to the point where she can only climb up.



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