Best friends Savanna, Tally and Jane are back in this companion novel to Fingerprints. As her parents spend the summer in Europe, Tally hides her loneliness by throwing party after party in her New Jersey home. When she meets Mark, she wonders if he’s the love she’s been looking for.

Against the advice of her two best friends, Jane and Savanna, Tally desperately pursues him. When an intimate video goes viral and she's endlessly bullied, Tally finally realizes that she has to stop trying to get other people to love her and instead choose to love herself.

Unlike FINGERPRINTS, CHOOSING TALLY is not based on my life. Tally is a fictional 17-year-old who looks like she has everything, but feels pretty crappy about herself. Her story is about her struggle to be loved by guys and her dysfunctional parents and her ultimate realization that what is most important is that she loves herself. 

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