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Read&Write Interview: Live from Dublin

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

While having a blast following the fun people around Ireland, I had the pleasure of doing an author interview with Deb Ziebarth of the Read&Write Podcast from my Dublin hotel room. We had a really fun conversation about digital nomad life, writing, my novels FINGERPRINTS and CHOOSING TALLY, and the state of the world. We talked about everything from joining a bachelor party, getting invited to an art gallery, losing my luggage in Bonaire and the fabulous woman who saved me, to the energy healer who cleared my chakras and ignited a desire to write which turned into my latest novel ALL THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN (women's book club fiction) with which I'm now querying agents. We also discussed writing and querying during a pandemic and why we should always say "Yes!" to everything but shots. We even talked about the state of the world and why it's important to block out the things that are invading our lives and focus on the things that are important to us. I might have had a GUINNESS or two before we pressed "record," so get ready for some straight up truths and a whole lotta laughs.

Please click Play to listen (below).


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