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This Frequency Water Assorted 6 Pack contains filtered water that has been programmed with the following AmpCoil journeys:


RELAX ALL: Contains frequencies associated with emotions and the nervous system. Drink when feeling anxious, nervous system stress, an overactive mind, or anytime you feel like introducing calming energies to your body.


HARMONIZER: Harmonizer water contains frequencies associated with grounding, horizontal and vertical alignment, nutrition, spinal, emotions, chakras, nervous system, and brain. It's kind of like a groovy general tune up.


HIGHER SELF: Contains frequencies associated with the full vibrational harmonics of the mind and body Drink it when you feel drawn to creating conscious awareness and aligning with your higher self.


POSITIVITY: Contains frequencies associated with depression relief nutritionals, neurotransmitters, emotions, and earth grounding. Perfect for whenever you feel a more positive outlook would be beneficial.


FULL MOON: Contains frequencies associated with earth grounding, general hormones, nervous system, blood plasma, DNA, custom pattern of solfeggio tones, and spiritual well-being during the full and or new moon phases.


DEEP SLEEP: Contains frequencies associated with circadian rhythm balance, delta waves, and nervous system general hormones.

Frequency Water Assorted 6 Pack

  • Enjoy the benefits of AmpCoil Sound and PEMF in a bottle! This assorted six pack of waters contains one of each of the following journeys: Deep Sleep, Full Moon, Harmonizer, Higher Self, Positivity, and Relax All. 

    These waters have been filtered with a Zero Water filter. (Zero Water claims to remove 99.6% of total dissolved solids.) They are then programmed with AmpCoil sound and PEMF. Since water has memory, the effect is similar to receiving an AmpCoil journey. It comes in a glass BPA-free reusable 8 oz bottle.

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