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AmpCoil Sound and PEMF Corporate Wellness and Events

Stress, WiFi, toxins, anxiety, and too much screen time can pull cells out of tune and prevent them from operating at their natural frequencies, causing brain fog, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and physical and emotional pain.

Ampcoil's sound frequencies and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) tune cells to their optimum frequencies and help clear energetic pathways so the body can heal itself.

We provide several Corporate Wellness Experiences so business leaders can support team members on their wellness journeys.

Want to raise your team's vibes?


Check out our Corporate Wellness Experiences.  

Onsite Office Visits

We bring two AmpCoil Sound and PEMF Therapy devices to your Los Angeles office and provide employees with rejuvenating Sound and PEMF Therapy sessions.


Clients report feeling more relaxed, grounded, increased energy, clarity, and focus, and/or relief from brain fog, pain, and anxiety.


AmpCoil Sound and PEMF Therapy for Corporate Events & Retreats

We travel wherever you do! So, whether you're planning a corporate wellness event, trade show, or private retreat, we've got the tools to help your attendees feel all the good vibrations.

Our journeys can ease jetlag, increase energy and positivity while decreasing anxiety, brain fog, and pain. Plus, we've got frequencies to help attendees ground to new time zones and get a good night's sleep.


Group Harmonizing Sessions

Feeling a little friction within your team? We center the AmpCoil in a circle and guide your team in a meditation to help everyone's cells energize, respirate, and clear stuck emotions. 


One-one-One AmpCoil Sessions

One-on-One AmpCoil sessions allow you to focus on your body's personal needs. Our clients report that AmpCoil has helped them with brain fog, anxiety, injuries, muscles, and nerve pain. AmpCoil can also help balance hormones, release stuck emotions, and help clear detox pathways.

If you're in Los Angeles, book your free demo here

"We ran an AmpCoil journey for muscles
and my shoulder pain went away."

Chris C, CA

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