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When I was a child, there was a lot of yelling in my house, so I would hide in my room or my treehouse and read books. Through books, I visited the Big Woods and the Shores of Silver Lake. I crossed the Bridge to Terabithia, solved mysteries with my friend Nancy Drew, and escaped, even if just for a Wrinkle in Time.
I didn’t know it then, but my love of books was carving a path to becoming an author. During an interview at Emerson College (which I was woefully unprepared for), the interviewer asked what I wanted to major in. I hesitated because I really hadn’t thought about it. (Back then, getting into college was a lot less competitive, so if you’re not a Generation Xer, just roll with me here.) The interviewer prompted me, “We really liked your essay.” So, I replied, “I want to be a writer.”
At Emerson, I took a Writing for Magazines course, where we learned to write and pitch stories to magazines. I pitched a story to Seventeen and a few weeks later received a letter back from the editor. She wrote that the story wasn’t right, but she liked my writing, and to keep sending her ideas. I smoothed out the creases in the letter and hung it on the refrigerator where I could see it every day.
A REAL editor liked my writing.

I pitched that editor stories for the next three years until finally, I got a phone call from her saying, “Congratulations!” They wanted to publish my story, “The StepPeople,” about the first summer after my mom and my stepfather got married and his two kids and me and my brother all lived in the same house. (Let’s just say it wasn’t a lovefest.)
After that, the editor would call whenever she was looking for something. She’d say, “I need a piece about going away to college,” or “What can you write about summer love?”
I became a freelance writer and began writing for another (now defunct) magazine called All About You. I wrote a monthly column called “Attitude Adjustment” that was filled with mini quizzes, information, and resources around “How To” topics like, “How to Deal with Change” or “How to Be Happier.”

Meanwhile, I wrote a book. Then I wrote another book. Then I wrote another book. And finally, I wrote a book worthy of publishing. FINGERPRINTS is loosely based on that first summer with the step people and an abusive relationship I was in as a teenager. CHOOSING TALLY is a follow up novel where the three best friends in FINGERPRINTS deal with another difficult situation when one of them is videoed during an intimate moment.
In 2020, I finished a novel, ALL THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN, about a woman who uses all the wrong strategies to cope until they no longer work and she has to learn to heal. 

HGTV meets Eat, Pray, Love in ALL THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN, women's fiction about a woman who uses all the wrong strategies to cope until they no longer work and she has to learn to heal. I'm currently shopping that book. 

In June of 2022, I attended a writing retreat in Lesvos, Greece where I realized that I needed to write a memoir about healing chronic Lyme Disease in a country that has zero regard for its citizens' healthcare. I'm currently editing my memoir PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS and getting it ready for submission.

During my nomadic journey, I encountered many people who needed help. In Greece, a woman with migraines couldn't get out of bed, so I provided her with AmpCoil sessions. In Bonaire, a man who'd had a diving accident had a football sized swollen knee, so I ran Circulation on him to help with the swelling. In Scotland, I ran an emotions detox on a woman who was overwhelmed with grief.

Becoming a healer just happened. Now I'm thrilled to offer AmpCoil sound and PEMF sessions in Los Angeles plus corporate and private events.


If you enjoy my stories and you're feeling inspired to support my work, you're in luck! You can click the purple button to "buy me a coffee" and ensure that stories continue to flow. Thank you in advance.

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