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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Yesterday, after I bought islandy-floral shorts and t-shirts, I got a message from Billie, the friend I met via the Bonaire Facebook groups. She asked if my bag came and how I'm doing. She mentioned that her friend, Mark injured his knee. I told her that if he didn't feel like it was too woo-woo, I could run the ampcoil for muscles, ligaments and fascia and see if the swelling goes down. She replied that he'll try anything and then she invited me to dinner and a sunset snorkel cruise on Friday. I said "yes" to both. As I ran the ampcoil on Mark, Billie's family passed each other beer, told me about the beautiful tower gardening they do in Arizona, and described their diving club and how long they've been coming to Bonaire. They were warm, funny, and fabulous. They asked why I have a frequency machine and I explained that the ampcoil helped me heal chronic Lyme disease. I'd worked with western doctors, natural paths, osteopaths, Chinese herbalists, Lyme specialists, and homeopaths. Ultimately, an amazing Energy Healer and the ampcoil saved my life and brought me great health. We ate a delicious homecooked pasta meal and watched the sunset. As we stared out over the sea, Nate explained that the smooth spots indicate divers below. The air bubbles rise, making the surface glassy. When I first started writing and someone shared a unique story or if I witnessed a weird situation, my mother would put her hand on my arm and whisper, "Save this." That's what writers do. We digest tiny pieces of information and feelings and save them. Then like air, they bubble up in our stories, often surprising us, making us wonder, "Where did THAT come from?" Those surprises are the best part about being a writer and one of the parts I love most about myself.

Maybe that's the purpose of this nomad journey, to surprise myself, over and over and over. Can't wait to see what bubbles up next. PS - Mark's knee is feeling better and as a bonus, some pain in his wrist has improved!

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