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It's All Happening...

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The countdown has started. I have 18 days to get rid of everything I own, get out of this apartment and launch my digital nomad journey. And the universe is hard at work supporting me.

You know when you're in the flow? When things fall into place so easily that it's almost effortless? That's what's happening for me right now. For example, my friend Julie and her husband just moved from a little condo to a three bedroom house. She hates to shop (what?!) so she's buying everything.

Uh huh. I mean everything. The couch, the dining set, coffee table, bedside tables, dishes, glasses, partyware - EVERYTHING. And she's sending movers the day I leave.

Thank you, Universe! (And Julie!)

I also just got six months of international health insurance that costs the same amount as my normal US monthly premium. Then another friend said I could store a few boxes in her attic. So, I'll pack up my Granny's vase and sculptures and my grandfather's photographs and some other things I love and send them over there. All I really have left to do is pack and cancel my huge health insurance payment, renter's insurance, and my 3 million premium pay channels.

But before that, I wanted to stop and express my gratitude. This feels so good and so right. It's all happening. The better plan is in the flow. And so am I.

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