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Holistically Healing Chronic Lyme Disease on My Spoonie Sisters Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Jenni Weaver of My Spoonie Sisters Podcast about my journey holistically healing Chronic Lyme Disease. We talked about getting bitten by a Lyme infected tick, mold exposure, going to a Chinese herbalist, removing cracked metal fillings, being gaslit by western doctors, my hair falling out, toenails disintegrating, daily fevers, bowling ball head, and doctors telling me my tests are normal and saying, "Do you think maybe this is in your head?"


We discussed the time I went to a urologist who told me I needed to have surgery on my bladder because I had to concentrate and push really hard to pee. Then I went to see an osteopath who told me there was stuck trauma in my pelvis and did some manual adjustments. When I got home and sat on the toilet, pee just fell out.


We talked about how over and over traditional western doctors showed me they couldn't help me and alternative, holistic healers showed me they could.

That led me to energy healers, reiki practitioners, a shaman, breathwork meditation, EFT Tapping, AmpCoil Sound and PEMF technology and other holistic healing modalities. I shared how one of the biggest things I learned during my healing journey was that the issues are in the tissues and that if we don't address emotional trauma and mental trauma, it is very difficult to heal the physical body, because mind, body, and spirit are all connected. 


That's why I named my memoir Pre-existing Conditions


For me, pre-existing conditions were things like feeling unsafe as a child and then having an abusive relationship in my teenage years, losing my job and my home and the 2008 financial crash, my best friend Stacie dying, and my beloved granny dying. 


Trauma after trauma, when not addressed, become the pre-existing conditions that create the perfect bio terrain for disease. 


And as I was going through the journey, I started to realize ohhhh...this is all connected. That inspired me to write a memoir so other people would understand that too.

We also discussed how the body remembers trauma and that emotions can get stuck and block us from healing, and that daily practices like breathwork and AmpCoiling can help us regulate our nervous systems. And that's part of the reason why I decided to become an AmpCoil practitioner.

Here's a clip where we talked about how important is to get outside and ground in nature.

To listen to the whole episode, please tap the player at the top of the page or listen here.


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