Path on the Water


2020 made me realize that if I can write anywhere, I should go somewhere.

So, I'm launching my digital nomad journey and trusting that the universe has a better plan.

Join me as it unfolds.


Slow Down

Last week, my friend M loaded boxes full of the few things I decided to keep into his truck to take to my friend G's house to store in...

Save This

Yesterday, after I bought islandy-floral shorts and t-shirts, I got a message from Billie, the friend I met via the Bonaire Facebook...

Holy Trip!

"I left my laptop charger in LA and my suitcase is lost so I’m wearing someone else’s dress watching the sunset eating sushi and I don’t...

What Family Heirlooms Do You Treasure?

This was my Granny’s flatware. Didn’t she have great style? Yesterday, when my landlord was in my apartment, he spied them in box,...



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