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What Family Heirlooms Do You Treasure?

This was my Granny’s flatware. Didn’t she have great style? Yesterday, when my landlord was in my apartment, he spied them in box, picked up a fork, and said, “You can’t sell these! They’re gorgeous."

I assured him that box was in the “store/keep” pile. This is the fourth time I've purged just about everything I own. Once in 2008, because I lost my job, eventually couldn't pay my mortgage and then lost the house. Purging the first time was hard, but the second and third time, it got easier.

Every time I purged all my stuff, this flatware was kept. Since I'll be travelling with nothing but a suitcase, laptop, and ampcoil, it will stay at friend's house for awhile with some other family heirlooms and items I love. How do you relate to stuff? If you were headed to a desert island like me, what stuff what you take with you? What would you store? And what would you get rid of?

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