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Bless It Or Block It

Updated: May 14, 2022

Part of "The Better Plan" is trusting that there's a better plan.

Yesterday, I had an appointment scheduled to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. News of blood clot side effects were everywhere. Plus, a dear friend of mine who has had similar past health challenges has been feeling horrible since her vaccination a week ago.

So, I started to question the plan. Even though I've been listening to my body and it is confident that a vaccine won't trigger any undesirable effects, I got nervous, so I texted my psychic friend, Amanda Brown.

"Why are you questioning your intuition?" Was her first question.

She was right. Part of The Plan is trusting The Plan.

Then she wrote, "BLESS IT OR BLOCK IT." "Huh?" I texted back.

Then my phone rang. Her voice crackled with sleep. (God bless her.) "Ask your Angels and Guides to bless it or block it. Say, 'I'm going to the pharmacy at 11:00 to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Please bless it or block it." She said that my angels and guides would show me signs if it wasn't meant to be. "Maybe the car won't start," or "Someone might fall and need you to help them up." She said, "If they bless it, it will be easy and if they block it, you'll know."

So, I asked my angels and guides to bless it or block it. As I drove through the mountains to the pharmacy, I relaxed and sang along with the radio. When I finally arrived at a gas station about 45 minutes after I started driving, there was a voicemail notifying me that my appointment was canceled.

Blocked! I rescheduled for a first dose of Pfizer next Tuesday. I will definitely ask my angels and guides to bless it or block it. Meanwhile, I might just use this new tool for everything little thing in between. Try it and let me know how it goes!

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