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Path on the Water


2020 made me realize that if I can write anywhere, I should go somewhere.

So, I'm an author launching my digital nomad journey and trusting that the universe has a better plan for me. Join me as it unfolds.

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With Tears Comes New Life

Yesterday, I wrote the scenes in my memoir where my best friend, Stacie, dies. And today, I feel terrible. Years ago, at a Society of...

Raindrops, Blue Skies, and Clouds

Writing any book can be challenging, but writing a memoir feels extra tricky because I have to dig into things I don't really want to...

Warm Summer Teenage Nights

It’s like this I ease my bedroom door open The air conditioner hums as I step into the still hallway Through the darkness, I reach for...

Question of the Day: What Would You Do?

Today's question is brought to you from January 4, 2009. Here's the situation: You have no job, no house, no spouse, no kids. There is...

Who Says Nice Things to You?

Yesterday, I asked if there's something you've done every day for 1,000 days and Carol Jersey Strong wrote, "Drank coffee and told a...

Wanna Play Questions?

In 2008, after I lost my job (and had a big mortgage), I scrambled to make money. I’d always been a good cook, so as I applied for jobs,...

Life: Better Than I Ever Could Have Imagined

It’s New Year’s Eve Day and I’m scrolling through friends’ year end roundup posts. They share stories of grief, love, travel, illness,...

The Magical Journey to Iona, Scotland

“Hello!” Kate Emmerson stood waving by The Green Shed gate on the island of Iona, Scotland. The driver drove along the two tire tracks in...

Edinburgh's Magical Royal Mile

At the fabulous Greece writing retreat that inspired me to write a memoir about my journey healing Chronic Lyme Disease, I met Kate...


Dear Readers I’m sorry I haven’t written I’ve been thinking about you and trying to find the right words to share but so much is...

Let's Talk About Banned Books, Baby

Let's take a moment to channel our inner Salt-N-Pepa: Let's talk about banned books baby Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about all...

Travel's Greatest Gift: Perspective

“That traffic out there is murder!” said a man in the Vermont village post office. “I know! I waited forever,” a woman replied. I...

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