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How My Grandfather Thought His Way to Health

In the early 70’s, my grandfather was short of breath and constantly fatigued, so he went to a doctor. After some tests, he was told there was a blockage in one of his arteries and he needed surgery.

At the time, open heart surgery was very serious and risky and my grandfather did not want to have the operation.

So, he decided he would heal himself.

The doctors thought he was crazy and told him he’d die without the operation. Nonetheless, my grandfather was sure that he could heal himself through exercise and visualization.

The first day, he made a goal to walk down his driveway to the mailbox (which was probably 200 feet from his front door). As he walked, he envisioned blood pumping through his veins and clear arteries to his heart.

He wasn't able to walk all the way to the mailbox. So, the next day, he tried again. Eventually, as he envisioned his blood flowing through clear veins and arteries and pumping through a strong heart, he reached the mailbox. Then he walked down the block. Pretty soon, he was walking a mile every day while visualizing strong healthy blood flowing through his strong healthy body.

By the time he went back to the doctor, he was feeling and looking great.

The doctor was shocked, so he did more tests. The test results showed something miraculous.

The damaged artery was still blocked, but a slew of tiny new pathways had formed around it, sending blood where it needed to go.

My grandfather had thought his way to health.

My mom told me that story when I was suffering from chronic Lyme disease. Just knowing that he was able to heal himself with his mind, led me to shift the way I thought about healing myself.

Now I picture happy, bouncy, perfectly round cells flowing through my body. I talk to them. I tell my cells how I much I love them and how grateful I am that they’re keeping me healthy.

It may sound kooky, but it works for me!

What works for you? And what have you shifted by using your mind?

Father and daughter dancing with big smiles.
My favorite photo of my grandfather with my mom. As you can see, he was FUN!

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