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Sharing My Lyme Healing Journey on Dr. Karlfeldt's Integrative Lyme Solutions Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Dr. Karlfeldt's Integrative Lyme Solutions podcast where I spoke with Dr. Karlfeldt and his fabulous cohost Tanya Hoebel. We talked about everything from my bullseye rash in 2003 to discovering I'd been exposed to toxic mold 12 years later and my spiral into Chronic Lyme Disease. We spoke about astounding medical debt due to Lyme disease, my Lyme healing journey with naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths, the Chinese herbalist who discovered I'd been exposed to mold, reiki, energy healing somatic therapy, EFT Tapping, breathwork meditation, sound and PEMF Therapy via AmpCoil and how all of that led me to help other people heal. We also discussed how the body keeps the score and we hold ancestral trauma in our cells and how biohacking modalities like energy healing and AmpCoil can help people clear stuck trauma and emotions. We also had lots of laughs. Please click the PLAY button below to listen.

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