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The Terrible Man Upstairs

Updated: May 11, 2021


The art deco chandelier sways. The ceiling shakes.

There’s a terrible man upstairs.

Huffy. Whiny. Yelling.

He yells at his girlfriend. He yells with his feet. He yells with his shitty techno music.

There’s a terrible man upstairs.

I feel him before his fancy small-dick car enters the gate.

I know when he’s coming home.

Energy’s like that. It doesn’t stop for walls or floors.

I can’t live beneath a terrible man.

I’ve been there before. Smothered. Small. Unable to breathe or be.

So, I’ll leave, because I can.

I’m grown up now. I have money. Experience. Talent. Knowledge.

All the things I need to get to away from terrible men.

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