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The Thing About Things

I need that dress

To fix this mess

of a life I've chosen to live

Oh, what I'd give to have that car That face

That space

I'll race

To get those things The things my friend has Those shoes That couch That painting

That address Of course, of course! That will fix this mess

Besides, if I don't

Things will keep coming up in my feed

Reminding me

Of what I don't have Of things I should need So, I work harder

Longer hours


To get those shoes That couch That painting That address While those things fill the space around me Making more of a mess But then I'll see other things Lotions Potions Cremes

and dreams That if I just "buy now" will finally make me happy Because by now, I should be happy, right?

But happiness doesn't come in an Amazon box And the real hustle

Is in the things that are sold to us To weigh us down

Disguise the mess Keep us in distress

Quiet Too busy Too dizzy To think Working harder Longer hours To only end up further away from happy So, my wish is for us all to lighten the load Slow the scroll See the click as a trick And know that some things just aren't worth having

Photo Credit: Andrew McEvoy - Skala Eressos, Lesvos Greece

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Suzanne, I love how this trips off my tongue and rolls down the page! Yes to the mess. I find papers piling, books stacking, and deliverables expanding, but for the last two weeks I went on vacation without my laptop and simply spent time being with friends, sleeping, reading, watching (people, TV, nature), and resting. I came back to work today with all of it pressing in on me and exhausting me. Instead of panicking and digging in so I could dig out, I took a nap. It was a much better solution. Now I feel rested, forgiving of myself, and able to tackle one thing at a time. I feel a resolve to step away from the stress when…

Suzanne Casamento
Suzanne Casamento

How wonderful to resolve to step away from stress when you start to feel it. It's the exact opposite of what we're conditioned to do - fix it. Cheers to naps!

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