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Waiting Room

That's what this feels like. The in-between of knowing something big is coming, but having to sit quietly, bored, frustrated that it's not coming faster.

I imagine many of us felt like 2020 was a waiting room. Waiting to be able to see loved ones. Waiting for dinners out, concerts, parties, beach days, vacations.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Life's suspension of almost there...but not quite. That's how I'm feeling about my journey to the blue waters. First, there's so much to do.

Get the second shot. Go back to LA. Get rid of the apartment. Cancel all those subscriptions. YouTube TV, HBO, Showtime, SiriusXM, rental insurance, health insurance. Get travel health insurance. Sell the furniture? Store the furniture? Pack up the few things I care about. Store them with a kind friend. Each completed task gets me closer and closer to exiting the waiting room.

Meanwhile, I breathe and instruct my cells to stay calm. Tell Frustration it has no place here and to back up.

Get the hell out of my waiting room.

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