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Wanna Play Questions?

In 2008, after I lost my job (and had a big mortgage), I scrambled to make money. I’d always been a good cook, so as I applied for jobs, I launched Suzie Foods and sold meatballs and mac and cheese to anyone who was still employed and could pay for them.

Thankfully, a friend gave me a job waiting tables at his pub. I dropped a burger in the first day. It didn’t get much better from there.

At the time, my novel, FINGERPRINTS was out on submissions and my agent kept sending me rejections from editors like, “The good news is that this is certainly stunning. The bad news is that I’m passing. It’s uncomfortably close to something I just bought.”

The “stunning” compliments were nice, but they weren’t a sale. I needed something. A bright spot. Something GOOD.

So, I launched The Question of the Day on blogspot (Stop laughing at the dino tech. It was 2008!) and I threw a question out to the universe (and real people too) and waited to see what would happen.

Amazingly, people answered. Asking questions became a kind of lifeline. A positive, fun thing to focus on every day and a great source of connection with people around the world.

I wrote a question every single day for 1,000 days straight.

Currently, I’m writing a memoir and the old blogspot Question of the Day is a fabulously detailed diary. I’m so grateful for all those questions and for all the people who answered.

So, I’m thinking we should play another round.

Here’s the first question. What’s something you’ve done every day for 1,000 days straight? (Besides the obvious eating, breathing, sleeping, bodily functions, etc.)

Oh, and who’s with me? Who wants to play?

xoxo, Suzanne

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