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Why Sensitivities Are a Gift

I talk to a lot of people about my journey with Lyme disease and chronic illness. I learned so much during my healing journey and I feel like it's so important to share what I've learned and all the tools I discovered along the way.

A few months ago, I wrote about my human alarm system and described how a woman in the height of her Lyme disease asked me, "How do you get rid of the sensitivities? Do they ever go away?"

I responded, "No. They never go away. But what if instead of thinking of them as nuisance, you thought of the sensitivities as a gift? As a human alarm system?"

People who suffer from chronic illness are often hypersensitive to light, smells, mold, EMF, noise, motors, and all sorts of things. Today, I had a human alarm system alert so I thought I'd share a little about it in this video.

Human alarm systems can come in many forms like anxiety, stomach aches, felling ultra-alert, chest pain, or it can feel like you're wearing a five-pound helmet on my head. Every body is different so every human alarm system is different. How does your human alarm system manifest itself? How does your body tell you when something is wrong?

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