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Podcast: When Western Medicine Doesn’t Have the Answers for Lyme Disease

Recently, I was a guest on the Evolving with Jessica podcast where I shared my story about Chronic Lyme Disease and mold toxicity – all the way from the tick bite to the Chinese Herbalist who diagnosed me with mold toxicity by tapping on my face, plus all the doctors who said, "Well, your test results are fine," and "Are you sure this isn't in your head?" in between.

We discussed how the US Healthcare system is a business that focuses on making money – not healing people, and how out of desperation, I turned to unconventional healing modalities like breathwork meditation, EFT Tapping, Somatic Therapy, reiki, energy healing, Medical Medium protocols, and AmpCoil for help.

During the podcast, we also talked about the incredible healing effects of PEMF therapy, the mind, body, soul connection, and what compelled me to write a memoir about my healing journey.

Please press play below or click here to watch and listen.


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