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Question of the Day: What Would You Do?

Today's question is brought to you from January 4, 2009. Here's the situation:

You have no job, no house, no spouse, no kids. There is not a single obilgation or responsibility in your universe. You have a little bit of cash in your pocket (just enough to invent the new fantasy version of yourself).

What would you do? What's fascinating about reading that question now is that I already answered it when I launched my digital nomad journey two years ago. But if you had told me in 2009, that I'd ditch just about everything I own and travel by myself for two years, I would have called you kookalarooka!

So, back to you. What would YOU do? xoxo,


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Assuming I was young enough and healthy enough, I'd do what you did, but I'd include the US. I always enjoyed auto trips in other parts of the country, by myself, small towns, diners, Friday night highschool football games, pie contests, etc. People watching, eavesdropping on conversations. Fabulous material for writing.

We have as many cultures in the US as we have towns.

Suzanne Casamento
Suzanne Casamento
Jan 14, 2023
Replying to

That is so true! I'm picturing Santa Fe versus Atlanta or Baltimore versus Austin. They're all so different. I've driven across the country five times and some small towns were super friendly and others not so much. Fascinating stuff.

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