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Seeing Pink

No, you’re not seeing things. That water looks pink. When I first saw it, I stared, thinking, “Am I seeing that right?” I wondered if it was something only I saw, like that “What color is the dress?” meme that went viral awhile back. Turns out, it’s really pink! The pink water is part of a solar salt facility on Bonaire. Salt flats (which are near some super cool salt pyramids I will blog about at another time) cover 250 acres of the island. From what I understand, the seawater flows through canals into a series of condenser ponds. As the salinity increases, the water moves to crystallizer ponds where it turns pink. From there, with help from the sun and the wind, it eventually becomes a thick layer of salt. From Bonaire, the salt is shipped all over the world. It’s used for salting snowy roads, water softening, and of course, eating. I’ve always been fascinated by transformation processes. I love to learn how things are made. While visiting Vermont, over and over, I asked, “Mommy, where does ice cream come from?” until my mother finally relented and took me to Ben and Jerry’s factory. (When you visit Vermont, go! It’s FUN.) I’ve also been to the actual Cheesecake Factory. And I often develop and write trainings around processes. The idea of transforming intrigues me because we’re constantly doing it, whether we’re conscious of it or not. And we always have the opportunity to transform on a larger level. It’s kind of amazing that the possibility of becoming something different is always there, isn’t it?

In what ways have you transformed? Or are you transforming right now?

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