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Sonoma County: More Than Just Wine

Dear Sonoma County,

I came up with a new tagline for you: More Than Just Wine.

You're welcome.

Suzanne Every time I mention my digital nomad journey has led me to Sonoma County, California, the immediate reaction is, "You're in Wine Country!"

Yes, it is true that I'm surrounded by vineyards, but Sonoma County is so much more than wine country. Sure, I went to a fabulous wine tasting at Kunde where a hilarious woman named Lisa poured me wine and described how the mountain wine caves were so deep and secure that if the end of the world is coming, that's where she'll hide.

I've also eaten the best burgers of my lifetime - and I am a burger connoisseur - at Tips Roadside. (Did I mention that their tater tots are like scrumptious little balls of hashbrowns?)

But I've also been making an effort to sit outside and watch the sunrise and walk through the redwood forest at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve.

Last weekend, I continued my Sonoma County More Than Just Wine exploration and drove out to the coast. Then I headed north through Bodega Bay, which looks a little like Cape Cod on the Pacific, past Jenner, a tiny town tucked in the side of a mountain. As I snaked along Highway 1's cliffs, the ocean glimmered below until it met beautiful blue skies. California's iconic craggy haystack rocks dotted the water.

I felt renewed.

Just like snowshoeing in Vermont or snorkeling in Bonaire grounded, calmed, and exhilarated me all at once, driving along the California coast gave me new life.

Getting outside and being offline is so important for body, mind, and soul. How do you like to enjoy nature?

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