Path on the Water


2020 made me realize that if I can write anywhere, I should go somewhere.

So, I'm launching my digital nomad journey and trusting that the universe has a better plan.

Join me as it unfolds.


Repeat: History

Last night, I finished THE FOUR WINDS. I have several observations. First, thank God for historical fiction. Without it, I never would...

Waiting Room

That's what this feels like. The in-between of knowing something big is coming, but having to sit quietly, bored, frustrated that it's...

Bless It Or Block It

Part of "The Better Plan" is trusting that there's a better plan. Yesterday, I had an appointment scheduled to get the Johnson & Johnson...

To Go

Does my Pro-choice Pro-equality Pro-woman Pro-facts Pro-action Pro-real talk state of being make you uncomfortable? If so, good. Ask...

The Terrible Man Upstairs

STOMP. STOMP. STOMP. The art deco chandelier sways. The ceiling shakes. There’s a terrible man upstairs. Huffy. Whiny. Yelling. He yells...

The Plan

Once I realized I didn't want to go back to LA, I did what any good Angeleno does and I made an appointment with my energy healer. I...


I love LA. Wholeheartedly. From the moment I landed at LAX almost 30 years ago, it's been home. From the chaotic grunge of Hollywood to...



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