Path on the Water


2020 made me realize that if I can write anywhere, I should go somewhere.

So, I'm an author launching my digital nomad journey and trusting that the universe has a better plan for me. Join me as it unfolds.


Covid, Ureaplasma, and the Psychic Medium

After returning to the US, I woke up with a porcupine in my throat. My head and lungs filled with gunk and I felt like I was glued to the...

Ampcoil and The Stye in My Eye in Greece

I imagine most women like to post pics of themselves when they look pretty. Me? Nah! I'm posting these pics because the coolest thing...


When I turned 40, I was so happy that I didn't even get mad when Stacie shoved cake in my face. My 30's were shitastic. I'd had a series...

My Chronic Lyme Disease Healing Journey

In 2012, I moved into a little beach shack right across the street from the ocean. It was kind of junky, but I didn't care. Walks on the...

I Gotta Have Faith

My biggest lesson this year (and of the last several years) is to have faith. When after getting rid of everything I owned except for...

The Relatable Voice Podcast Interview

I know an author interview is going well when the podcast host invites me to visit her in Spain! That's what happened during this author...



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