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There Are No Shortcuts to Healing Chronic Illness

During my journey healing Chronic Lyme Disease, I went to doctor after doctor who told me, “Well, you look ok,” “Your tests came back fine,” and “Are you sure this isn’t in your head?”

Meanwhile, my head felt like a bowling ball, about half my hair had fallen out, I was skeleton skinny, my skin had a greenish tint, my tongue was white furry, my two big toenails had fallen off, and the skin under my right breast had turned brown. I spent the majority of my days in bed and couldn’t think clearly enough to work. Beyond that, I was scared, frustrated, and really sad. Years later, I’m now aware that doctors say things like that to a lot of people - especially women with mystery illnesses. This kind of medical gaslighting is traumatizing and exhausting. It’s designed to confuse patients, make them think they’re going crazy, silence them, and force them to get back to work even though they’re sick.

The US Healthcare system is a business that focuses on making money – not healing people. There is no profit in healing people.

The programming we digest from media, corporations, and the powers that run our society teach us to disassociate from our bodies, to ignore when we’re in pain, and simply trudge along when our bodies screaming at us to stop. We’re conditioned to believe that western medicine is the only path to healing. When western medicine failed me, I decided to try holistic healing modalities like Chinese herbs, homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, osteopathy, energy healing, breathwork meditation, EFT Tapping, reiki, acupuncture, AmpCoil, and more. When I was 45 years old, five years into Chronic Lyme Disease, and trying anything to heal, I had a session with a shaman.

“I did energy work on your aura. It’s like Swiss cheese. Full of holes,” she said. “What does that mean?” “It means you have weak boundaries that allow negative energy and disease to slip into your field. I sewed some of them up, but your aura needs a lot of work.” Until then, I was a people pleaser, with weak boundaries, constantly trying to keep peace between family members, friends, and my boyfriends and myself. I’d ignored my own needs for most of my life, not knowing that every time I betrayed myself, I weakened my aura and opened myself up to disease.

Many clients come to me when they’ve “tried everything else,” and I’m grateful to be able to support them on their healing journeys. They often say things like, "I'll take anything," or "I'll try anything to get better."

Meme reading "No pill can heal trauma."

But unlike what western medicine teaches us, there is no magic pill to heal trauma.

There are no shortcuts to healing chronic illness. If you're experiencing mystery illness or chronic illness and western medicine is getting you nowhere, try shifting your focus from taking pills to listening to and healing the mind, body, and spirit.

The Body Keeps The Score. (If you have not read that book, I recommend you read it now.) Unhealed trauma gets stored in our bodies. Emotions get stuck. Energetic pathways get blocked. Energy can't flow and heal the body like it's designed to. You cannot heal trauma with a pill. You have to do the work. You can start by exploring holistic healing modalities like somatic therapy, AmpCoil, breathwork meditation, EFT Tapping, EMDR, sound baths, reiki, energy healing, neurofeedback, or any other holistic healing modality you come across.

If it appears in your path, trust that there's a reason why and try it. There are no shortcuts to healing.

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06 dic 2023

This is a really powerful article, Suzanne. Your critique of Big Healthcare is spot on. It's for broken legs, splinters, and anything else that simply must be patched up to be healed. One and done is what they are best at. I give them a break though. If you compare their age (the Medical Renaissance started in the early 16th century) to holistic healing (today's techniques have their roots in practices that have been around for thousands of years), modern medicine is very much like students in their second organic chemistry class. They have eagerness and intention to learn, and are very full of themselves. Caveat emptor!

All modalities have their place. What I think is key is for people…

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HA! Yes. 😂

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16 nov 2023

Journeys can be exhausting but super rewarding if you put in the work. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Agreed. Thank you for reading!

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