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The End

It's been a while since I've posted a story here. That's because I've been hermit-ed up, head down, working on a memoir about my journey healing Chronic Lyme Disease.

My memoir, Pre-Existing Conditions is about so much more than Chronic Lyme Disease. It's about discovering that the issues are in the tissues and when physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual traumas are left unhealed, they burrow in our bodies and cause dis-ease.

My memoir is also about living with a bunch of fabulous weirdos in Hollywood, the American Dream becoming a nightmare, getting rejected, being dumped, losing loved ones, being haunted by mold, and trying some seriously woo woo stuff I never would have imagined I'd try to heal. I also shared what it's like to experience chronic illness in a country that has for-profit health care and how that can impact a person's finances, mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

At the same time, my memoir is hilariously funny and poignant. It celebrates the power of friendship, family, and love while learning how to set boundaries and use my voice.

Wild stuff happened. As I wrote about my back exploding after being dumped, my back hurt. As I wrote about recurring kidney and bladder infections, my urethra burned. It was an amazing reminder that the body remembers.

When my body panicked, I dug into my toolbox and meditated, did EFT Tapping, listened to light languages from the energy healer who helped me along the way and ran my AmpCoil almost every day. I told my body, "Hey Body, it's okay. This stuff is not happening right now. That's the past and we've healed. We're safe and you don't need to be in pain."

While writing my memoir, I laughed, cried, and had a million "ah ha" moments. Writing about the journey became its own journey.

I realized my birthday is a magnet for big things. I was dumped right before my birthday, I moved out of mold on my birthday, and I bought my AmpCoil on my birthday. So, it felt like no coincidence that I finished my memoir on my birthday. And even though I wrote "The End," I knew it was only the beginning of another amazing journey.

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