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I Didn’t Set Out to Become an AmpCoil Practitioner

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

I didn’t set out to become an AmpCoil Practitioner.

In 2021, I realized that if I could work from anywhere, I should GO somewhere. So, I got rid of my apartment, car, and sold 99.9% of my belongings. Then I packed a suitcase, my laptop, and my AmpCoil and launched a digital nomad journey.

And everywhere I went, I encountered people who needed healing support. In Bonaire, I AmpCoiled a man whose knee had swelled up in a scuba diving accident. In Greece, I AmpCoiled a woman with debilitating migraines. In Scotland, I AmpCoiled a woman in emotional distress.

Becoming a healer just happened.

So, after two years of nomad life, when it was time to go home to LA, I considered returning to Instructional Design work, but the thought of writing another training for a big bank, big tech, or big anything made my insides contract.

Instead, I decided to trust that just like everywhere else I went in my travels, I would encounter people in LA who needed sound and PEMF therapy, and I was right.

One of my clients, Kelly, posted this yesterday.

Facebook post in which client expresses gratitude for AmpCoil sessions.

I’m so thankful I’m able to help her and I'm thrilled that she's feeling so much better! I receive her post as confirmation that becoming a sound and PEMF AmpCoil Practitioner was the right decision.

What unexpected call have you answered? And how did it turn out?

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