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The Better Plan In Action

After experiencing dread around returning to LA and devising the plan launch my digital nomad journey and write my next novel in Bonaire, I searched aribnb for a place to stay. I found a lovely two bedroom oceanfront apartment for the same amount of rent I paid for my one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood. I tried to book it but the transaction wouldn't go through. I tried two more times. Nothing. I called the bank. It was a new bank and a new card and apparently the first transaction had to be done in an atm. So, I tried another card. I got a fraud alert. I called that bank, removed the alert and finally booked the apartment. In hindsight, that was a "Bless it or Block It" moment. The universe was giving me signs that there might be a better choice and I wasn't getting it. A few months rolled by and about three weeks before my departure, the owner of the apartment emailed saying there was going to be construction on the patio for the first three weeks or so of my stay. She apologized and said she felt terrible about the noise and dust. She suggested we talk. During the conversation, I told her my friends were coming to visit for two weeks in August. She said she'd get back to me with some options. When she did, she offered me a hefty discount on the rent or another two bedroom oceanview apartment for the two weeks my friends were visiting. I opted for the other apartment. She set it up and paid for it. I was relieved. About a week later, I was lying in bed, my thoughts spinning around construction workers on the patio. They would see me. Would they know I was alone? They'd see I have electronics. Would it be safe? I told myself to relax, everything would be fine, and got out of bed. When I checked my email, there was a message from the airbnb host. She wrote, "I've been thinking about it and I don't want you to have to endure construction before your friends arrive. If you like it, I can book you this one bedroom airbnb (she linked to the listing) to stay in when construction starts. It's also oceanfront." I was stunned. I had spent a few minutes worrying about something and POOF! A solution appeared! I hadn't even told her I was worried. Since I arrived in Bonaire 13 days ago, I've stayed in the original airbnb I booked, the oceanfront one bedroom, and now a third floor two bedroom one street back from the ocean. I have also learned a lot.

The first apartment, while newly renovated and perfectly nice, is a little dark and it doesn't get a ton of breeze the way the second or third apartments do. The second one while bright and breezy, was mosquito central and the fumes from cars on the strip (I have never valued California emissions laws more than I do here in Bonaire.) gave me brainfog.

The third apartment (view pictured) is my favorite so far. It's away from the main drag, so no fumes and it's on the third floor. As the owner said, "Mosquitoes stay close to the ground, so you want to stay higher up." Duh. So, I think the universe wanted me to stop when I had trouble reserving the first apartment. Now that I'm aware and looking for blockings and blessings, I'll be sure to stop next time. What's most amazing to me is that even though I went ahead and booked it anyway, the universe put me somewhere else. Because of course, the universe has a better plan.

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2021년 8월 12일

Such an adventure already. I love your blog.

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2022년 2월 27일
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