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Staying in the Flow

As I snorkeled, I worked hard to keep the camera steady. This is the only usable clip. The rest bob so much that I almost got seasick watching them. It was a reminder that sometimes no matter how hard we try not to let them, external forces are always moving us in one way or the other.

Achieving stillness is a challenge for me. Not still as in physically sitting still or in sitting down to write, but in calming my thoughts and emotions. My laptop is not the only place I write fiction. Plenty of wild and scary tales are written in my brain too. Achieving stillness in my thoughts and letting go of what I can't change is the challenge. A LightWorker friend of mine recently told me to "be where your feet are." This has always been difficult for me, but now that my feet are not on solid ground, it's even harder. But that's the point of the digital nomad journey to learn how to be in the flow and, of course, grow. How do you stay in the flow?

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