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What's Your Inspiration? Podcast

I recently had a fabulous conversation with Fox Beyer where we discuss the terrible neighbor and magical energy healer who inspired me to take my writing on a digital nomad journey, why it was easy for me to let go of all my stuff, and what Fox describes as “fail forward” moments.

We also talk about the amazing marine life, people, and culture that make Bonaire beautiful and unique.

I share what it felt like to be alone in foreign country without my luggage and laptop adapter and the incredibly kind people who helped me. (Including my incredibly ugly cry upon being helped.)

We explore the importance of slowing down and ponder the way writers download feelings and experiences that eventually pop up in our writing. I share a bit about the novel that I’m currently querying agents, ALL THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN, and how bits and pieces of my experiences bubbled up to surprise me as I wrote it.

One of the underlying themes in ALL THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN is that my main character and many other people in our society are so depleted of emotional and spiritual nutrients that they have to learn that they’re deserving of love, friendship, and living in a way healthy way.

That led to us contemplating how on a personal and global level, it doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t have to be left or right, black or white, right or wrong, love or hate. All of us can make small (or giant) changes to shift our mindsets and reality (whether you’re married with kids or a digital nomad or both).

Fox Beyer is a motivational speaker, a podcaster, and a very cool human. Check out his inspiring TedTalk: Perspective As a Weapon.

Please click the preview to listen to our whole conversation.

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